Children’s settling-in period goes from September to May when there’s availability; in June and July only if it is really urgent.
To be accepted in kindergarten parents need to fill in a direct request both for private places and for some spots in agreementand with the City Council of Genova. In case of availability they are called back.
al chiostro Several days before the first day, a teacher sets a meeting with the parents to get to know the family and the child’s habits and interests to make the settling-in easier. Usually, the settling-in lasts 1 or 2 weeks depending on the family’s needs and on teachers evaluation.
The first days the child stays in the nursery for a few hours and with the parent who is a reassuring figure and helps creating a bridge and a good relationship based on trust; After that, the child stays longer during the day and over the days the parent begins to leave him/her alone with the teachers


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