fra Candido In 1994 Fra Candido, vicar of the Church Santa Maria di Castello chose the name “OASIS”, thinking about a quiet place, where to have peace and rest. A place where to meet and share the hassle and struggle of many mothers, in a fraternal environment.
So began the Associazione Circolo Oasis S. M. di Castello a voluntary organization ONLUS that works in the Genoese area and it is enrolled in the Regional Register of Volunteer Organization: administrative decree n. 968, 10th May 2000.

al chiostro
The registered office is located in Salita di Mascherona 10r – 16123 – Genova - Telephone and fax number 010 2469009.

The social purpose of the association, as the Statute states, is to encourage social integration of families in distress, with a specific focus on the condition of single mothers, through enhancing everyone’s ability, empowering individuals, promoting reciprocal cooperation and solidarity towards the less privileged.

The “Circolo OASIS” still cooperates and supports the families of little children attending Oasis nurseries, with social and economic aid.

volontari ad ApriAmo Corso Italia Furthermore, the association selects, trains and sends its volunteers to work alongside with the teachers of the two nursery schools.

Oasis organize many activities to better integrate the families in the social context of the city. They provide opportunities to gather together with people of different culture and nationality. Opportunities to meet and get along through common grounds: a small step to build a future of peace.

Sede sociale: Salita di Mascherona 10r, 16123 Genova, Tel.e fax 010 2469009 C.F. 95038330106 mail: circolooasisge@gmail.com