As volunteers/members

A part from the volunteers who work in the nurseries, we are looking for people who want to become members and help us fulfilling the goals of the Oasis Association.
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The association is involved taking part supporting projects on specific cases of need and/or integrating the economic contribution of families in need, with the purpose to pay the costs of the Oasis nurseries.

You choose how to support us in this, you can write us an email and we will get back to you telling you how we used you contribution. Every month we spend:

You can choose the type of donation you are more comfortable with:

  • A bank RID

  • An occasional contribution using:

    • PayPal clicking on the link in this page

    • A bank tranfser on

      either postal current account n. 23942162 oppure
      banck current account presso Unione di Banche Italiane - IBAN : IT59C0311101401000000003398
      both to:
      “Circolo Oasis S.Maria di Castello” Salita di Mascherona 10 rosso 16123 Genova

  • 5 x mille to our association using or fiscal code: 95038330106

The donations made through the bank, the post office, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, Paypal, cheques, are deductible or could have an IRPEF deduction. For any queries please contact the association:

Sede sociale: Salita di Mascherona 10r, 16123 Genova, Tel.e fax 010 2469009 C.F. 95038330106 mail: