The non-profit organization Oasis S.M. di Castello works with two nursery schools: Oasis Mascherona and Oasis Montebruno, both of which are accredited by Genoa Municipality. It is very important for the nursery schools to cooperate with other pedagogic services in the district, also to improve the educational path.
This is why they are part of Genoa Municipality preschool group and they cooperate with other preschools, nursery schools, both private and public. A very strong relation is also with other socially involved associations such as: Rete Madre-Bambino, Centri d’Ascolto Diocesani, Auxilium-Caritas.
Furthermore, the nurseries are linked to other local entity through the relationship whit commercial activities, university and high schools.

TIMETABLE The nurseries are open from September to July; the day starts at 8 and ends at 17, Monday to Friday. It is possible to start at 7:30 in case of need.

ORGANIZATION The nurseries work following the municipality policy and standards, without any discrimination as stated by the law. The adequacy and respect of this standards are guaranteed by internal and external supervision.
Each nursery school is equipped to welcome 24 children.
The nurseries have two groups:
newborns/ unweaned (3-12months old) of 5 or 6 children with their own space both for play time and nap time.
semi-weaned and weaned (12-24 months old) with two other differently equipped spaces.
The transition from a group to the other is gradual and takes into account every child’s own time. If they are more than 36months old after January they will finish the year in nursery school.

DINING Food is cooked by a cook in the nurseries’ kitchen following the HACCP standards and diet regulation taking into account specific situations (allergies, religious and cultural beliefs, chewing difficulties etc.); the menu is divided between winter and summer in a 4 weeks cycle.

WHO WORKS IN THE NURSERIES Every member of the educational staff is a Cooperativa Sociale a.r.l. " Il Sentiero del Movimento Ragazzi " employee and has a proper degree; a teacher is, in addition, the didactic coordinator. The association also has several volunteers who help the teachers. To do that, they are properly trained. The nursery school also provides pediatric and psychological support for the families and for the teachers. Psychological support is offered to parents who want to explore their role.
Teachers and volunteers are always properly trained to improve their work with the children.

REGISTRATION The enrollment can be done throughout all the year and it can be submitted at the nurseries during several specific days. After submitting the enrollment request children can be accepted both with the district agreed spaces or with a private negotiation.
The request has to be renewed after 6 months from the first application.
In the admission criteria we give priority to families in need and particularly to single mothers without discrimination of race or religion.


Sede sociale: Salita di Mascherona 10r, 16123 Genova, Tel.e fax 010 2469009 C.F. 95038330106 mail: