Our Nurseries are an educational service. They are a privileged place where to grow and develop individual, cognitive, affective and social potentiality. A place finalized to build up the personal identity, independence and interaction with other children and adults, developing everyone’s personality in an harmonious way.
The prime objective is to foster the children’s growth in a peaceful way in an environment where they can find continuity with family values. For this reason, the environment in our Nurseries has a very familiar character especially thanks to our volunteers of different ages and backgrounds in which the children can recognize their own “elder siblings” or “grandparents”.

The educational project is based on the attention and respect towards the children and their cultural background, it is available to be consulted in the nurseries.
The daily scheduling in our nursery is very flexible because every child has their own particular rhythm as well as different and unforeseen needs that require to change and adapt the program itself.
Once acquired a good knowledge of the children, their developing rhythm and needs, the teachers will focus on specific educational aspects.
Here follows a list of indoor and outdoor activities that occur all year long and are included in the school planning:

STORY TELLING to teach the children how to listen, develop language skills, curiosity and to pay attention.

ARTWORK to encourage art abilities, to learn how to handle and work with different materials, teach how to observe, pay attention and focus on their work.

ginnastica MUSIC to teach the children how to listen to different music genres, learn how to reproduce sounds, memorize the melody, the words and associate the gestures to the words.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY to help the children learn how to move around the space, to overcome difficulties, acquire self-esteem, learn how to recognize their own skills and accept the rules when they play all together.

HANDLING to incite new experiences through the touch, encourage focusing and paying attention, express their own creativity and imagination . gioco

SIMULATION GAME to help children develop emotions, speech and learning through mimicking adults and swapping roles.

uscita SCOUTING to give children the chance to: explore the outside world, know the everyday-life of the city in which they live, recognize objects and food in shops, live situation they heard about in books, familiarize with means of transportation they don’t usually use (tube, funicular, train, lifts, escalators…) .

We specify that the day trips happen only when it is possible to have at least one adult every two children.


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