The volunteers, regardless of sex, are between a year range of 18 and 75 (limits imposed for insurance reasons). They look after the children taking part in the games, going with them on the day trips, helping them becoming confident with personal hygiene. Beside all this, they cooperate in other tasks that allow the nurseries to work in an efficient and organized way.
Furthermore, without any age limit, volunteers are kindly invited to help the Association becoming members and/or taking part in its initiatives: to spread the custom of solidarity or to raise funds to support the children families.
To be a volunteer people can call either of the two Nurseries: 
Nido Mascherona - sal di Mascherona 10 r - tel. 010 2469009 – mail: mascherona.oasis@gmail.com
Nido Montebruno - via Parini 21 – tel. 010 3623852  - mail: montebruno.oasis@gmail.com
After a first interview the new volunteer will be included in the daily schedule and will work together with the experienced staff. 
Every volunteer will be given a "vademecum" of rules to be followed and there will also be meetings for specific training.  


The association is supported by people who, sharing its ideals and goals, put all their efforts together to achieve those goals.
To become a member it is necessary to contact the offices of the Association and make an appointment. After a first interview and with the board approval, the aspiring member will be subscribed for 20€ per year.
When subscribing, the member accepts the Statute and commits to observing it, as well as all the decisions legally made by the board. The member also undertakes potential tasks, they can take part of the assembly and cast their vote after a period of 3 months has passed

Sede sociale: Salita di Mascherona 10r, 16123 Genova, Tel.e fax 010 2469009 C.F. 95038330106 mail: circolooasisge@gmail.com